Our Toyota Service Centre in Ontario has it All

For Toyota Accessories, Detailing, and Tires, Visit the Service Centre at ToyotaTown in London, Ontario

Are you looking for unrivaled Toyota service? Then look no further than the service, tire, and detailing centres at ToyotaTown in London, Ontario. Why? Because when it comes to providing the best service and the best prices, no one does it like ToyotaTown.


Our Toyota Service Centre in London, Ontario, Delivers Only the Best

Need repairs? Then don’t hesitate to head over to our service centre in Ontario, where you’ll find expertly trained technicians using only the most advanced tools and equipment. Looking for a great deal on tires? Stop by our Toyota tire centre in Ontario, where we offer a price match guarantee. Need detailing or Toyota accessories in London, Ontario? Our service centre has that covered too.

ToyotaTown & Lexus of London

Visit the ToyotaTown Service Centre for the Best Service in London, Ontario

At ToyotaTown, we’re committed to keeping your car running safely and in peak condition. That means providing high quality repairs and tires that you can depend on. And we also believe that your car should look great, that’s why no other Toyota service centre in London, Ontario, offers the same level of expert detailing.

Contact ToyotaTown online, or call (888) 608-6009 to speak with our service centre about getting Toyota repairs, tires, detailing, or accessories in London, Ontario.

Best New and Used Toyota Specials and Incentives in Ontario

Looking for Great Specials and Incentives on New and Used Toyotas in Ontario? Visit ToyotaTown

Are you looking to save big on your next Toyota? Then head over to ToyotaTown where you’ll discover the best new and used Toyota specials and incentives that you’ll find anywhere in Ontario, and maybe all of Canada for that matter.

ToyotaTown & Lexus of London

ToyotaTown has the Best Used and New Toyota Specials and Incentives in Ontario

What do we mean by the best? How about almost $2,000 off a 2011 Toyota Corolla? Or then there’s our new Scion special that says that when you pick up yours, you don’t pay for the first 90 days. Or how about our new Camry incentive – reduced APR and $750 cash back. And these are just the beginning. At ToyotaTown in Ontario, we have specials and incentives that will help you save on all of your favorite new and used Toyotas.


Check Out the Big Savings Thanks to New and Used Toyota Specials at ToyotaTown in Ontario

Ready to save? Then be sure to make ToyotaTown your next stop and discover the unrivaled new and used Toyota specials and incentives that you won’t find anywhere else in Ontario.

Contact ToyotaTown online, or call (866) 736-3112 to find out what new and used Toyota specials and incentives we’re offering Ontario drivers today.

Why Get Authorized Toyota Parts and Service at ToyotaTown in Ontario?

Get OEM Toyota Parts and Authorized Repairs in Ontario for Unrivaled Vehicle Protection

When it comes to getting repairs, a lot of Ontario drivers don’t understand the importance of getting authorized Toyota service and Genuine OEM parts. Fixed is fixed, right? The truth is that without authorized Toyota parts and service, your vehicle might now get the protection it needs. Let’s take a look at why.


Authorized Toyota Parts and Service Mean Better Quality for Ontario Drivers

Some drivers decide to go with aftermarket parts in order to save a few dollars, but in the end that result in even more expenses. The quality of aftermarket parts can be terrible, meaning they’re just going to break again. And aftermarket parts are almost never covered by a warranty, so if something goes wrong down the line, you eat the cost. It’s important to get authorized Toyota service in Ontario for one key reason – expertise. Authorized service means that the people working on your car have the most advanced tools and training available.


ToyotaTown in Ontario has the Authorized Toyota Service and Parts You Need

At ToyotaTown, we offer only Genuine OEM Toyota parts and authorized, expert service to our friends and neighbors throughout Ontario. Why should you settle for anything less?

Contact ToyotaTown online, or call (888) 608-6009 to speak with our service department about the benefits of getting authorized Toyota parts and service in Ontario.

What You Need to Know About Leasing vs. Financing a New Toyota in London, Ontario

Have Questions About Leasing vs. Financing a New Toyota in London, Ontario? ToyotaTown has Answers

When it comes to leasing or financing a new Toyota in London, Ontario, it can be an extremely confusion process.  Some people actually think they’re the same thing, but they are in fact entirely different. When financing a car, you are paying for it over a period of time in order to become its full owner, When leasing, on the other hand, you make payments in order to have the vehicle for a period of time before eventually trading it in.


Leasing vs. Financing a New Toyota in London, Ontario

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to each. When you finance to own, the vehicle is yours and you can keep it for as long as you when. When leasing, you eventually have to trade it back in, but this can be a great benefit to people who want to get a new car regularly. Generally speaking, financing payments are lower than leasing payments, but if you decide to terminate the leasing contract early it can be extremely costly. In the end, whether you lease or buy is really dependent upon your lifestyle, and how long you want to drive a particular vehicle.


ToyotaTown Makes Leasing and Financing Easier for Drivers in London, Ontario

At ToyotaTown, we do all we can to make the financing and leasing processes as easy and transparent as possible. We’ve even provided an online lease payment calculator, so that you can determine how much you’ll pay each month for your leased Toyota.

Visit our online lease calculator now, or call (866) 736-3112 to discuss whether or not you should consider financing or leasing your new Toyota.

Discover Affordable Sports Performance with a Used or New 2015 Scion FR-S Coupe in London, Ontario

Why Do Reviewers Everywhere Love the Used or New 2015 Scion FR-S Coupe in London, Ontario? It Gives More for Less

Most drivers are under the impression that to get behind the wheel of a truly sporty driving experience, you have to spend an arm and a leg. Thanks to Scion, that’s no longer the case. Not only is a used or new 2015 Scion FR-S coupe in London, Ontario, more affordable than the competition – you don’t have to sacrifice performance to save.


Find Out What Reviewers Have to Say About the Used or New 2015 Scion FR-S Coupe in London, Ontario

Edmunds delivers high praise to the used or new 2015 Scion FR-S in London, saying, “The 2015 Scion FR-S stands out as a stylish and elemental small sports car that gives you a great driving experience. It’s definitely worth a look.” AutoTrader has similar thoughts, saying, “It’s refreshing indeed to find a reasonably priced modern-day sports car with such a focused mission.” And Consumer Guide may have summed it up best: “The Scion FR-S is almost in a class by itself. It has respectable performance credentials, a fun-to-drive personality, and surprisingly modest pricing.”


Test Drive a Used or New 2015 Scion FR-S Coupe at ToyotaTown in London, Ontario

Are you ready to check out a used or new 2015 Scion FR-S coupe for yourself? Then head over to ToyotaTown, where we have the best selection, service, and pricing that you’ll find anywhere in London, Ontario.

Contact ToyotaTown online, or call (866) 736-3112 now to schedule a test drive of a used or new 2015 Scion FR-S coupe in London, Ontario.

Why Does ToyotaTown Stand Out Among All Toyota Dealers in Ontario?

No Other Used Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario, Offers the Same Level of Service

When it comes to finding used Toyotas, it can be difficult to know which of the many preowned Toyota dealers near London, Ontario, are the best. We know that you have options, but when all is said and done no other dealer offers the outstanding service of ToyotaTown.

ToyotaTown & Lexus of London

ToyotaTown Surpasses All Other Used Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario, When it Comes to Recognition

There are a number of reasons why ToyotaTown blows by all other used Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario, such as selection and savings. But where we truly excel is in service. That’s why we’re the ten time winner of the Toyota Pride award, as well as the four time recipient of the Toyota Pinnacle Award. These awards are given to honor excellence in service, and we are the ONLY dealership in London, Ontario, to have won both.


When All is Said and Done No Other Preowned Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario, Can Compete

Why do we offer such great service? Because why would we do it any other way?! And when you combine our award-winning service with our outstanding selection and savings, you have a quality shopping experience that can’t be beat.

Contact ToyotaTown online, or call (866) 736-3112 to discuss why no other preowned Toyota dealers in London, Ontario, can compare.

ToyotaTown London – More Reliable than Other Used Car Dealerships in London Ontario

Are you shopping for a used or preowned Toyota in London Ontario? If you’ve been searching in vain at other used car dealers in London Ontario or used truck dealerships in Kichener, we believe you’ll find the used Toyota specials at ToyotaTown are your best bet for finding a used toyota for sale in London, Ontario at a budget-friendly price.  We know that when you’re shopping for a used car or truck, the nearby options can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why the 10-time Toyota Pride Award-Winning team at ToyotaTown London will prove to you why we’re a cut above other London Ontario used car dealers.

Our Certified Pre-owned Toyotas in Ontario Ready for Winter

Our Certified Pre-owned Toyotas in Ontario Ready for Winter

Why Choose ToyotaTown Over Other London Ontario Used Car Dealers?  Toyota Certified Used Vehicles.

While our customer service is top-notch and our prices are unbeatable, the most important thing that separates us from other used car dealers in London Ontario and used truck dealerships in Kitchener is our inventory of Toyota Certified Used Vehicles.  From reconditioning to warranty, Toyota makes sure that that every TCUV is as dependable and reliable as any other new Toyota near London today.

used toyota in london ontario

Toyota Certified Used Vehicles

Why Toyota Certified Used Vehicles are Better than Used Cars at Other Used Car Dealerships in London Ontario

Before a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is displayed on our showroom floor at ToyotaTown London, trained Toyota technicians perform a thorough inspection on nearly every piece of the car. Any aspect of a used Toyota that doesn’t measure up to factory standards is repaired or replaced with Genuine Toyota Parts, and the car is detailed until it’s pristine.

Plus, when you purchase a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle in Ontario, you’ll drive away in your Certified Corolla to Sarnia, London or Kitchener with an incredible warranty – Toyota covers your TCUV from bumper to bumper for 12 months or 20,000 KMs. This is comprehensive warranty coverage you aren’t going to find on a regular used car, and you won’t get this kind of promise at any other used car dealers near London Ontario

Don’t take your chances with other London Ontario Used Car Dealers – Contact ToyotaTown Online or call 1 (866) 736-3112 and let us help you find a Certified Preowned Toyota Today!

How ToyotaTown Triumphs Over Other Toyota Dealers in Kitchener Ontario

As a shopper looking for Toyota dealers near Kitchener Ontario, you have no shortage of options.  Whether you’re seeking 2014 Toyotas in Kitchener, or an older used Toyota in Kitchener Ontario, ToyotaTown London wants to remind you why we’re the dealer to choose for any Preowned Toyota in Kitchener.  As the #1 Toyota dealer in Canada by DealerRater.com reviews, it’s clear that our commitment to excellence isn’t just clever marketing – it’s a real devotion to exceptional customer service that makes our customers the most satisfied shoppers at any of the many Toyota dealers near Kitchener Ontario!


Buying a Used Toyota in Kitchener Ontario: What Our Customers Say

My car was totaled up in Collingwood. Once the insurance declared my car totaled they gave me 48 more hours with the rental. In that 48 hours, I had to find a car and drive up to Collingwood to get the ownership that was still in the glove box and my personal belongings. Toyota Town and especially Shawn Longworth, Nick and Janine, made the experience fast for the tight time constraints that I was working with. I didn’t think I could afford a Corolla but I could!! Also happy that my car is Canadian made.

-Nadine L.

ToyotaTown prides ourselves on being able to come to the rescue for customers like Nadine.  And if you’re wondering what happens after the sale, just take a listen to what this customer has to say:

I’ve been in for regular maintenance and warranty repairs several times and I have nothing but good things to say about Mike and ToyotaTown. From the time I pull into the garage  until I get my truck back sparkling clean (complimentary wash!) – they treat you like a “real customer” and appreciate my business. The work is done right every time and their prices are very reasonable (sometime even cheaper – vs. chain lube shops).

Keep up the good work!

As you can see, here at ToyotaTown we promise nothing less than exemplary customer service before, during, and after the sale, so whether it’s your first visit, or you’ve been a regular for years, you can expect the same fantastic customer care every time you walk through the door.

Don’t take your chances with other Toyota dealers in Kitchener Ontario – Contact ToyotaTown Online or call 1 (866) 736-3112 and let us help you find a Preowned Toyota in Kitchener Today

The Absolute Best Time to Purchase a Toyota in Ontario — Here’s Why

***Only Three Days Remain: This Remarkable Promotion Ends 2/28 *** 

Find Out More, Now, by Calling (866) 736-3112

When a car dealer promotion sounds like it’s too good to be true, it almost always is. Especially when it involves generous purchase incentives like a free vacation.

Except this time, the promotion is not too good to be true — it’s as legitimate as it gets.

Toyota Town, a London, Ontario Toyota dealer is literally guaranteeing that every customer will receive a free vacation* when they purchase a car before February 28, 2015.

Free vacation destinations include: 

  • Las Vegas
  • Cancun
  • The Caribbean

Maybe you’re actively shopping for a car. Or, maybe you’re this close to finishing your car search by making a deal with another dealer. Either way, take a few seconds to consider some dependable cars at low prices that will also earn you a free vacation from Toyota Town.

2015 Corolla


Click/tap image to view Corolla inventory.

2015 RAV4


Click/tap image to view RAV4 inventory.

All-New 2015 Camry


Click/tap image to view Camry inventory.

Does it Get Better than Great Cars, at Low Prices, along with a Free Vacation? YES!

While a reliable car and a guaranteed free vacation to warm weather sounds pretty appealing, there are a few other reasons why now is the best time to buy a car from Toyota Town.

Right now, Toyota Town is also offering:

  • Financing from .99% APR on new Toyotas*
  • No payments for 90 days*
  • A 1% finance reduction to customers who are currently under contract with Toyota Financial Services*

At this point, you’re likely wondering “what’s the catch?” There is no catch.

This, exclusive limited-time promotion is as straightforward as:

  1. Come to Toyota Town
  2. Purchase one of 350+ cars
  3. Choose your vacation destination — and go!

No mail in rebates. No tricks. Simply buy a Toyota, and get a free vacation.*

The Bottom Line Best Time to Buy A Car in London, ON — Guaranteed


We’ve covered a lot in this blog post, so let’s recap. When it’s all said and done, this exclusive Toyota Town means buyers drive home with:

A reliable, quality car + financing from .99% APR + no payments for 90 days + a free vacation.*


So, why wait? If you’re considering buying a car now or in the near future, this is the very best opportunity to do so. Get started shopping for your next car (and free vacation) now, and act soon — this offer ends 2/28/15.


Still not convinced this offer is real and legitimate? We’re happy to answer your questions at (866) 736-3112.

*Disclaimer: The special interest rates are available through Toyota Financial Services (TFS) upon credit approval. Rates are valid February 1, 2015 through to February 28th, 2015. The .99% finance rate applies to all new 2015 Toyota Tacoma, Rav4 models for a 36 month finance contract and Yaris hatchback, Corolla Tundra 4X4 and Venza for 36 and 48 month finance contracts through TFS. The 1% rate reduction is for existing customers in a current lease or loan with TFS. Trip promotion valid until February 28th, 2015. Applicable taxes/port fees & airfare are the responsibility of the purchaser. Prior purchases do not apply. Vacation giveaway to Cancun, Las Vegas or the Caribbean applies only to purchases made 2/20/15-2/28/15. See Dealer for details

Our Favorite Features of the 2015 Toyota Avalon in London

Drivers looking for a true luxury sedan experience without the luxury sedan price should look no further than the 2015 Toyota Avalon in London.  With its combination of style, amenities, and value, the 2015 Avalon in Ontario is a car that you’ll find is comparable to a luxury brand sedan, without the luxury brand price tag.  Today we’re taking a look at some of our favorite features of the new Toyota Avalon in Ontario.

2015 Toyota Avalon london ontario

Our Favorite Thing about the new Toyota Avalon in London

When it comes to reasons to be impressed, you’ll find plenty on the 2015 Avalon in Ontario.  Its strong engine, upscale interior, and comfortable ride have wowed critics across the blogosphere.  So what do we like best?  Is it the dual-zone climate control, push-button start, rearview camera, or the Entune audio system – all standard equipment, by the way?  Those are all impressive, but not quite what we like best.  Is it the available 11 speaker JBL sound system, navigation, and wireless charging system?  You’re getting warmer, but here’s the rub:  You get all these things at a price that clocks in under what you’ll pay for a similar car with similar features under a “luxury” nameplate.

2015 toyota avalon london ontario

Test Drive a 2015 Avalon in Ontario at ToyotaTown London

Ready to get behind the wheel of a new Toyota Avalon in London, or seeking a used Toyota Avalon in Ontario?  Whatever your goal, ToyotaTown London’s excellent selection of Toyota vejoc;es is sure to impress, and our courteous, professional staff will take nothing less than exceptional care of you while you’re here.  As the #1 Toyota Dealer in Canada by DealerRater.com reviews, we take our commitment to excellent customer service very serisouly, and will work with you every step of the way to help you find the2015 Toyota Avalon in London Ontario that’s perfect for you.

Ready to drive your new or used Toyota Avalon in Ontario from Canada’s #1 Toyota Dealer? Contact us online, or call (888) 608-9076 to schedule your test drive or request more info.