Seek the Most Dependable, Trustworthy Compact Car…the New 2016 Toyota Corolla

The Reliability of the New 2016 Toyota Corolla Isn’t Just Renowned – It’s Award-Winning

If you’re like most drivers, the last thing you want to worry about is when your car is going to break down. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times, and can end up costing a fortune.

Avoid the headache by getting behind the wheel of a new 2016 Toyota Corolla, famous for being the most reliable ride on the road.

The New 2016 Toyota Corolla Just Keeps On Going

The next time you’re driving, take a look around. You might notice that there seem to be a lot of Corolla drivers. That’s because 90% of all Corollas sold in the last ten years are still on the road today. For this and other reasons, J.D. Power named the new 2016 Toyota Corolla the “Most Dependable Compact Car.”

2015 Corolla Kitchener 2016-Toyota-Corolla-Special-Edition-101-876x535

Test Drive the Unmatched Reliability of a New 2016 Toyota Corolla

Ready to get behind the wheel of a car you can count on? Test drive a new 2016 Toyota Corolla today, and find out why so many people love their Corolla.

Check out our selection of the new 2016 Toyota Corolla, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today. Gives the 2016 Toyota Camry an ‘A Rating’

For All-Around Quality Reviewers Recommend the New 2016 Toyota Camry

Let me guess – you want your next vehicle to have quality you can count on? Sometimes it seems like it’s impossible to find. But look no further – the new 2016 Toyota Camry is exactly what you’re looking for. But you don’t have to take my word for it. The renowned consumer report has given the new Camry an A rating.

Why Edmunds Loves the New 2016 Toyota Camry

The Camry has long been hailed as one of the safest, most reliable and efficient vehicles on the road, but thanks to numerous updates, Edmunds is calling the new 2016 Toyota Camry one of the best releases ever. Why?

  • Comfortable and spacious interior
  • Excellent visibility
  • Distinct luxury and sport trim models
  • User-friendly interior controls
  • Powerful V6 engine

Bottom line – Toyota took what everyone already loved about the Camry and made it even better.

2015-toyota-camry_100464092_l 2016-Toyota-Camry-Special-Edition-PLACEMENT-626x382

Test Drive a New 2016 Toyota Camry Today

If you’re looking for the full package, you have to test drive a new 2016 Toyota Camry. Find out what has reviewers everywhere so excited.

Check out our selection of the new 2016 Toyota Camry, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.

Experience The Multi-Award Winning 2015 Toyota Highlander

Fresh from a 2014 re-design, the 2015 Toyota Highlander has been enjoying some very good press from critics, bloggers, and drivers alike for its combination of excellent reliability, versatility, and efficiency.  When you sit behind the wheel of this SUV you’re going to feel as agile and comfortable as sitting behind the wheel of a sedan, but with the amazing interior space for cargo and passengers and cargo that only an SUV can afford.  A variety of engine choices ranging fron base four-cylinder to optional V6 and even a fuel-efficient hybrid variant ensure that there truly is a new Toyota Highlander for everyone – but we’re not the only ones who think so.

2015 Toyota Highlander - Sun Toyota Blog

Key Features of the 2015 Toyota Highlander

As one of the most popular SUVs in its segment, the new 2015 Toyota Highlander is yet another improvement over previous models years in many respects, beginning with its improved selection of available engine choices.  Choose from the standard 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine putting out 185 horses, or the true workhorse – a 270 horsepower V6 with a six-speed automatic and your choice of either front or all-wheel drive.  Additionally, the larger V6 engine gives your new 2015 Toyota Highlander an impressive 5,000-lb towing capacity.


The Award-Winning New Toyota Highlander

If you’d like more reasons to be impressed, consult Kelley Blue Book’s, the IIHS, the NHTSA, and Intellichoice.  The 2015 Toyota Highlander has the honor of being t=a 2015 Best Buy of the Year.  In terms of safety, the new Toyota Highlander is an IIHS TSP+ with optional front crash prevention, and it earned a NHTSA 5-Star Overall Safety Rating.  If long-term value is high on your priority list, how does driving home in a 2015 Best Overall Value of the Year and Best Overall Value of the Year for Last Four Years by IntelliChoice strike you?  With accolades like this, it’s easy to see why we’re so fond of the new 2015 Toyota Highlander.

Test Drive a New 2015 Toyota Highlander today at ToyotaTown.  Contact us online or call 1 (866) 736-3112 to get started.

The 2015 Toyota Avalon Continues to Shine and Rank Above the Rest

If you’re looking for the luxury sedan experience without the accompanying luxury car price, you need look no further than the 2015 Toyota Avalon.  We’ve talked before about how impressive this car is, but today we’d like to tell you about a few familiar names who agree with us.  The new Toyota Avalon’s combination of style, amenities, and value mean that this sedan is going to be comparable to many luxury brands, but at a price that will remind you that you’re buying the value and dependability of Toyota.  Let’s take a look at what makes the 2015 Toyota Avalon so impressive, and also talk about some of the many awards it’s taken home this year.

2015 Toyota Avalon london ontario

Key Features of the 2015 Toyota Avalon

If you’re looking for reasons to be wow’d, you’ll find plenty on this new Toyota Avalon  Whether it’s the strong engine, upscale interior, and comfortable ride you find most impressive, we’re sure you’ll find plenty to enjoy..  It’s got dual-zone climate control, push-button start, rearview camera, and an Entune audio system all standard – and there’s an available 11 speaker JBL sound system, navigation, and wireless charging system, as well.  If these features all sound impressive, the 2015 Toyota Avalon‘s non-luxury price tag will seal the deal.

2015 toyota avalon london ontario

What the Critics Say about the new Toyota Avalon

There are some other folks who were pretty impressed by the new 2015 Toyota Avalon, too, and among them is the Prescott News.  In their review of the 2015 Toyota Avalon, they say:

It rides better, looks sporty, and inside it feels upscale. With all that improvement, the 2015 Avalon still retains its (mostly) reasonable price. In other words, an industry leading sedan is finally a a front runner over the competition.

We couldn’t agree more, Prescott News!  Come on down to ToyotaTown London and test drive this front runner today.

Test Drive a New 2015 Toyota Avalon today at ToyotaTown London.  Contact us online or call 1 (866) 736-3112  to get started.

ToyotaTown Explains What You Need to Get Financing on a New Toyota in London, Ontario

Shoppers Always Forget These Items When Financing A Toyota in London, ON!

When you go shopping for a new Toyota in London, Ontario, aren’t you hoping to drive off the lot as quickly as possible once you’ve found the vehicle you want? Of course you do – you want to hit the road! So if you’re going to need financing, remember to bring these essential items. You’d be surprised how often people forget, meaning another trip back and forth, and more delays.

What You Need to Secure New Toyota Financing in London, Ontario

If you have a solid credit score, you might need nothing more than your license, insurance card, and any trade documents such as the title, registration, or lien. If your credit score is on the low side, however, be sure to bring along your two most recent pay stubs, proof of residency such as a utility bill, and a list of references who don’t live in your home.


Financing a New Toyota in London, ON, Is Easy

As long as you have these items, you should be able to secure new Toyota financing in London, Ontario. Some lenders even have programs to help in the event that you have extremely low credit, or no credit at all.

Check back soon to learn more about securing new Toyota financing in London, Ontario, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.




ToyotaTown Explains How to Find Quality New Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario

Shop the Best: What to Look for in a New Toyota Dealer in London, ON

You know the old stereotype: the shady car salesman who’s just out to make a buck at any cost. He uses high pressure tactics. He makes promises and begs. He tries to shoehorn you into a car that you don’t want and that’s way above your budget. Leave all of that behind. Here are a few tips from ToyotaTown on how you can find reliable new Toyota dealers in London, Ontario.

The Best New Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario, Have Solid Reputations

When you’re on the hunt for a quality Toyota dealer, your best bet is to do some research online and see what kind of buzz you can find. Don’t just look at the first good or bad review you find then draw a conclusion. Read through several to get an overall picture of what people really think. Word of mouth is usually your best tool for finding  dealership you can trust.


Look for Award Winning Service in a New Toyota Dealer in London

Another great way to find a quality Toyota dealer in London, Ontario, involves checking to see if they’ve won any service awards from the manufacturer. Manufacturers take customer service very seriously, and they don’t give out these awards lightly.

Be sure to come back soon to get more info on finding a great Toyota dealership, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.

A Better Dealer for a Used Toyota in London

Since our founding in 1970, ToyotaTown has been proud to set a new standard for used and Certified Toyota dealers.  Not only are we an authorized new and used Toyota dealer with the full new Toyota model lineup, we also have a vast selection of high quality used cars in London, including ToyotaTown Certified and Toyota Certified Used Vehicles.  You won’t find a selection of used cars in London with quality and dependability matching ours at any other dealer selling used Toyotas in London.  Plus, our reputation for consistently excellent levels of customer service can be seen in our long and award-winning history, including Toyota’s Pinnacle and Pride Awards.


Award-Winning Customer Care

Our team has been recognized with the Toyota Pride award from Toyota Canada on 10 different occasions.  This award is given to Toyota dealerships all across Canada whose customers report extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.  Similarly, the staff of our used Toyota dealer in London has also earned Toyota Canada’s Pinnacle award on four separate occasions.  The Pinnacle Award signifies excellence in customer service on a daily basis.  We’re the only dealer for new and used Toyota in London to have received both of these awards so many times.

Get Acquainted with the best dealership for Used Toyota Cars in London – Contact Us Online or Call 1 (866) 736-3112 Today

ToyotaTown Customers Agree – There is No Better Place for a New Toyota in London

Here at ToyotaTown London, our goal isn’t to sell a car to every visitor to our Toyota dealership – there are plenty of Toyota dealers near London that have that attitude. Our goal is to make our customers feel comfortable and welcome, and to give them any assistance they may need as they browse. You can browse our expansive selection of new and used Toyotas near London in our 18-car showroom while sipping a latte from our 25-seat cafe or browse car reviews on the web using our complimentary wireless internet, and chat with our friendly. Here at ToyotaTown, the pressure’s off – and that leads to happy customers. Just take a look at some of these glowing reviews from buyers who drove home in a new Toyota from ToyotaTown London.


Above and Beyond at the Best Place to Buy a New Toyota in London

I needed a new car badly and my boyfriend recommended Toyota. We were greeted by the receptionist and as we were looking at vehicles, Tim Smuck came over. He was very friendly and asked the right questions. I did not feel any pressure or pushiness from him, which is a turn off for me from salesmen. Since I knew I was going to be leasing a car, I had many questions that Tim was able to answer for me. He also went out of his way (ex. coming back after a shift to start the buying process, came in on a day off to get the car ready) so I could get the car when I wanted it. It was a great experience dealing with a dealership for the first time.


Thanks, Jenny!  It’s our long history of glowing reviews like this that has led to our being named the #1 Toyota Dealer in Canada according to reviews. It’s our willingness to go above and beyond to ensure you get nothing but spectacular customer care before, during, and after the sale that makes ToyotaTown the best new Toyota dealer in London. Come on in and let us show you what we mean!

Ready to discover the best new Toyota dealer near Kitchener? Contact ToyotaTown, or call (888) 608-9076 to schedule your test drive or request more info!

Find Reliability and Comfort, Your 2014 Toyota Waits for You at ToyotaTown, Serving Greater Kitchener

For Dependability Plus Value Nothing Beats a 2014 Toyota in Kitchener

Are you in the market for a great vehicle that will be reliable without costing you an arm and a leg? It might seem like you can only have one or the other, but at ToyotaTown, we offer the best selection of 2014 Toyota vehicles in Kitchener to ensure that you can get quality and value.


Find a Great 2014 Toyota in Kitchener at ToyotaTown

At ToyotaTown in Kitchener, we have the 2014 Toyota for you. Check out the family-friendly versatility of a 2014 Ford Fiesta hatchback. Or how about a comfortable, reliable, and safe 2014 Toyota Corolla? If you’re looking for unrivaled sport performance at an affordable price, check out a 2014 Scion TC.


Test Drive 2014 Toyota Vehicles at ToyotaTown in Kitchener

Ready to discover with 2014 Toyota in Kitchener is right for you? Then head over to ToyotaTown, where we have the selection you need to find the Toyota you’ve been looking for. Test drive one today!

Contact ToyotaTown online, or call (866) 736-3112 to find out more about our selection of 2014 Toyota vehicles in Kitchener.

Upgrade Your Ride, Used Vehicles with Reliability and Dependability at ToyotaTown London, Ontario

Save Money by Shopping for Used Vehicles in London, ON, Rather than Getting Expensive Repairs

Maybe your current vehicle has done everything you’ve asked of it and more for year after year, but as the odometer counts up, the likelihood that it will require costly repairs ticks up at the same pace. So what are you to do? Consider the value of shopping for used vehicles in London, Ontario, vs. breaking the bank on expensive maintenance.


Used Vehicles in London, ON, Will Save You Money

As your vehicle ages, you have two options: pay for repair after repair, or trade it in for a used vehicle in London, Ontario, while its value will still cover a significant portion of the cost. Keep in mind that continually repairing your vehicle will not help it maintain its value. Your best bet is to drive it for a few years, then trade it in for something newer and more dependable.


ToyotaTown Offers Used Vehicles in London, Ontario

Ready to start browsing used vehicles in London, ON? ToyotaTown has the selection and expertise you need to get the best trade in value for your current ride.

Contact ToyotaTown online, or call (866) 736-3112 to find out more about trading in your current vehicle for one of our many used vehicles in London, Ontario.