What Makes ToyotaTown the #1 of all New and used Toyota Dealerships in London, Ontario?

For Service, Selection, and Convenience, Other London Toyota Dealerships Can’t Compare

ToyotaTown & Lexus of London

When it comes to shopping for a new or used Toyota, there are a lot of dealerships to choose from in London, Ontario. So how can you be sure that you’re visiting the right one? And there is a right one. A quality dealership leads to a quality shopping and ownership experience.

That’s why you should shop at ToyotaTown – we offer the best. Why? Below are three of the many reasons.

3 Things that Separates ToyotaTown from Other Toyota Dealerships in London, Ontario

  • Selection

When it comes to finding the right car for your needs and tastes, you need options. That’s why we offer the largest Toyota and Scion selection that you’ll find anywhere in London, Ontario.

  • Service

Since 1970, ToyotaTown has been offering the best service in the region. This has led us to earn not only four Toyota Pinnacle Awards, but also ten Toyota Pride Awards. We’re the ONLY dealership in London to have both.

  • Convenience

Shopping for a new car can be a hassle, and we don’t think it should be. That’s why we’re conveniently located in London, Ontario, and we offer the most efficient shopping and service processes in the region.


Visit ToyotaTown and Discover What Makes Us the #1 Dealership in London, Ontario

Forget about wasting your patience, time, and money on dealerships that are going to give you the runaround. Visit ToyotaTown today and find out why we keep winning award after award. Just a hint: it involves keeping you happy.

Check out the best new and used Toyota selection in London online, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.


New 2016 Toyota Vehicles Sweep the Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

When It Comes to Dependability Nothing Beats 2016 Toyota Vehicles for Sale in London, ON


It’s no secret that Toyota makes some of the most dependable vehicles on the road. There’s a reason you see so many Camrys and Corollas that are 20 years old and still running strong. In its recent Auto Issue, the trusted review publication Consumer Reports has made Toyota’s reliability official as the brand too nearly every slot in its list of the most reliable vehicles.

Which 2016 Toyota Vehicles for Sale in London, ON, Made the List?

Out of the 14 vehicle categories ranked by Consumer Reports, Toyota took #1 in half:

  • Toyota Prius C: Most Reliable Subcompact Car
  • Toyota Camry: Most Reliable Midsized Car
  • Toyota Avalon: Most Reliable Large Car
  • Toyota Sienna: Most Reliable Minivan
  • Toyota RAV4: Most Reliable Small SUV
  • Toyota Sequoia: Most Reliable Large SUV
  • Toyota Tundra: Most Reliable Pickup Truck

Simply put, Toyota makes cars that you can count on, period.

ToyotaTown & Lexus of London

Test Drive a 2016 Toyota Vehicle in London, Ontario, Today

If reliability is one of your concerns (and it should be – how good can a vehicle be if it doesn’t get you where you’re going?), then test drive a Toyota today, for sale at ToyotaTown in London, Ontario. Whatever style you’re looking for, we have what you’re looking for.

Browse the best selection of 2016 Toyota vehicles for sale in London, ON, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.

2016 Toyota Sienna Named Minivan Top Pick by Consumer Reports, Test Drive Today in London, Ontario

Unrivaled Practicality, Reliability, and Comfort Makes the 2016 Toyota Sienna the #1 Minivan for London Drivers

Recently the renowned product review journal Consumer Reports came out with its annual Auto Issue in which it reveals the best vehicles of the year as judged in a variety of categories, and we have exciting news – the 2016 Toyota Sienna was named the Top Pick Minivan for drivers in London, Ontario. Why? Read on to find out.

The 2016 Toyota Sienna is Truly the Best Ride for London Families

The 2016 Toyota Sienna was named #1 for a variety of reasons. It’s spacious, multifunctional interior makes it a comfortable and roomy option for carrying both passengers and cargo. It’s available in 4WD, making it a perfect alternative to less family-friendly SUVs. Better than average fuel efficiency translates into savings, and its Toyota reliability means you’ll keep rolling mile after mile. All in all, it offers a level of practicality that makes it a “super-reliable transport with all of the modern features an active, connected family would want.”


Test Drive the #1 Minivan on the Road: the 2016 Toyota Sienna Available Now in London, Ontario

Experience the comfort, utility, and reliability of the 2016 Toyota Sienna by visiting ToyotaTown in London, Ontario, today. All it takes is one drive to see that the Sienna is exactly what your family has been looking for.

Check out the best selection of the 2016 Toyota Sienna in London, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.

Test Drive the Award-Winning 2016 Toyota Camry at ToyotaTown in London, Ontario

Discover Why the 2016 Toyota Camry in London Keeps Raking in Awards

For the past several decades, the Camry has remained one of the most popular cars on the road. In fact, it’s been the bestselling car for 18 of the last 19 years, and 90% of the Camrys sold in the past decade are still on the road today. Bottom line – the Camry is a great car, and drivers have recognized it.

The 2016 Toyota Camry is no different. It’s garnered a slew of awards, and drivers everywhere love it.

London Drivers Love the Award-Winning 2016 Toyota Camry

First let’s look at safety, for which the 2016 Toyota Camry has earned two accolades. It was named a Top Safety Pick+ by the IIHS, and received a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA.

Along with its safety, the 2016 Camry has received a great deal of recognition for its overall value thanks largely to its reliability, outstanding resale value, and affordable price. For all of these reasons, it was a Kelly Blue Book Best Buy Awards finalist, and was named Best Midsized Car for the Money by both U.S. News Rankings and Reviews and Consumer Reports.

2016 Toyota Camry LE

Visit ToyotaTown in London, Ontario, to Experience the 2016 Toyota Camry

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a midsized car, you literally can’t do any better than the Camry. And at ToyotaTown we offer the best selection of the 2016 Toyota Camry that you can find anywhere in London, Ontario. So test drive yours today, and discover why it’s the top pick for reviewers everywhere.

Check out our selection of the 2016 Toyota Camry, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today. 

Find Your Used Car Dream with a Toyota Certified Corolla at ToyotaTown

The Toyota Corolla: Its name is synonymous with affordability, reliability, and safety.   For those shopping for a used car that is steadfast, reliable, and packed with impressive features, the Toyota Corolla is the car for you.  If you’re currently shopping for a Certified Pre-Owned Corolla in London, it’s very likely other dealers have crossed your mind.


The Benefits of Buying Your Used Corolla in London from ToyotaTown

With leading features like remote keyless entry, power windows, anti-lock brakes, stability control and six airbags, the late model Toyota Corollas do not disappoint, and neither does used and Certified Corolla selection at ToyotaTown. Right now at ToyotaTown, you can browse our impressive selection of Toyota Certified Corolla vehicles in our conveniently located used Toyota dealer showroom in London.


The Benefits of Buying Your Certified Used Corolla in London from ToyotaTown

Every Certified Corolla in London you find at at ToyotaTown has been through a rigorous inspection process mandated by the manufacturer to ensure quality. This means trained Toyota technicians have personally made sure that when you buy your used Corolla in London at ToyotaTown, you can buy with confidence. Toyota backs up that promise with one of the best used car warranties you’ll ever find, covering your Toyota Certified Corolla’s powertrain for 100,000 miles or 7 years, and covering every part of the car – bumper to bumper – for a year or 12,000 miles.

Contact us online or call (888) 608-9076 to speak to our award-winning associates about a Used Corolla in London or Toyota Certified Corolla today

A Certified Toyota Camry in Ontario Offers Greater Value for a Lifetime

Sometimes, it pays to spend a little extra on a vehicle up-front.  A smaller initial investment can lead to major savings in the long-term – they key is knowing when to pony up a little extra, and when to say no.  While it’s easy to see which cars cost more, it’s harder to see how much of that value will be lost to depreciation, insurance, maintenance, repairs, fuel, and other ongoing ownership costs.  Thankfully for the smart, savvy car shopper (like yourself!), Consumer Reports’ owner-cost estimates help you get an idea of just what you’re getting for your money one, three, five, and eight years down the road.  And what did Consumer Reports say?  They said that the Certified Toyota Camry in Ontario was one of the absolute best investments someone can make in a used car.


How the Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Camry in Ontario Beats the Competition

Comparing the Certified Camry in Ontario with other cars like the Mazda6 may make it seem like the Mazda’s the better deal, thanks to its estimated sticker price being about $1900 lower.  However, the cost of owning that Mazda for five years is $2000 over the Camry’s ownership costs, meaning that those savings are going to be eaten up.  The owner cost estimates for the Certified Toyota Camry in Ontario are based on finance charges, fuel costs, sales tax, depreciation, and average maintenance costs you won’t find anywhere else.  You can see what else Consumer Reports had to say about the Certified Pre-Owned Camry in Ontario as well as other great values like the Toyota Highlander at their original article here.

used toyota in london ontario

The #1 Reason for Buying Your Used Camry in Kitchener or Used Corolla in London from ToyotaTown: Our Amazing Team

ToyotaTown is the only London, Ontario Toyota dealer to have become a 10-time winner of Toyota Canada’s Pride Award.  Our award-winning team is here to help you with outstanding service and care, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Simply consider the fact that ToyotaTown London is the #1 Toyota Dealer in Canada by DealerRater.com customer reviews — results that speak for themselves.

Contact us online or call (888) 608-9076 to speak to our award-winning associates about a Certified Pre-Owned Camry in Ontario today

Stop Paying for Brakes! Get a “Forever Fix” at ToyotaTown with Our Lifetime Warranty

You know that sound – the tell-tale “skreeek” of brake pads needing replacement.  Well, if it’s time for your brake service, don’t go to just any service lane.  They may replace your brake pads, but they won’t be using Genuine Toyota Parts, and most importantly – when those brake pads need to be replaced again, you’ll be back where you started.  Here at ToyotaTown London Service, we want you to STOP paying for brakes when you have them done here at our Service Centre for Auto Repair in London Ontario.


The Lifetime Warranty on parts at ToyotaTown London’s Service Centre for Auto Repair in London Ontario

That’s right – here at ToyotaTown London’s Toyota Service Centre, brake pads are covered by a lifetime warranty when we install them.  That means if – and when – they need to be replaced again, we’ll give you the replacement set for free.  Plus – this warranty doesn’t stop at brakes.  We also have lifetime warranties on shocks, struts, mufflers & exhausts (excluding the catalytic converter), and engine batteries.

Schedule your brake or other service now – Contact us online, or call ToyotaTown Service Centre at (888) 608-6009 today.


The Smart Buy Event at Toyota Town London

Fresh from its highly acclaimed 2014 face-lift, the 2016 Toyota Corolla in has continued its trend of being a midsize sedan dedicated to versatility and value, and right now during ToyotaTown London’s Smart Buy Event, you can enjoy Corolla’s combination of being a solid, dependable compact car delivering good fuel economy at an even more affordable.  Corolla’s well-designed and appointed interior and a suite of trim levels that are sure to give any driver just the features they want, and it’s no surprise that the 2015 Toyota Corolla is always a bestseller here at Toyota Town London.


ToyotaTown New Car Specials – 2016 Toyota Corolla at ToyotaTown’s Smart Buy Event

Drive home in a new 2015 Toyota Corolla in London Ontario from Toyota Town London, and you can enjoy easy semi-monthly payments of just $85 when you lease! These are specials you won’t find at any other new Toyota Corolla dealership near London, so head on down to ToyotaTown London and let us help you find the new Toyota Corolla in London that is perfect for your driving needs and budget.  But hurry – deals like this aren’t built to last!

Ready to discover your new Toyota Corolla in London?  Contact us online, or call (888) 608-9076 to schedule your test drive at ToyotaTown London today.

What Does it Mean When New Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario, have Toyota Pride or Pinnacle Awards?

These Awards for Great Service Go to Only the Best New Toyota Dealers in London, ON


If you’ve spent any time browsing at different new Toyota dealers in London, ON, you might have come across a few that have either Toyota Pride or Toyota Pinnacle awards, but what exactly do they signify? ToyotaTown is here to explain.

Toyota Honors Its Best Dealers in London and Beyond With These Awards

They Toyota Pride award is given to new Toyota dealers in London, Ontario, and the rest of Canada that have proven their dedication to providing an outstanding level of service when working on a customer’s vehicle. Similar to the Pride award is the Toyota Pinnacle award, which is given to dealers whose customers report consistently high levels of quality service.

Basically, they go to dealerships who keep their customers the happiest.


ToyotaTown is the ONLY New Toyota Dealer in London, ON, to Have Both

These awards are difficult to obtain as new Toyota dealers must provide truly top-notch service. At ToyotaTown, we’re proud to have ten Toyota Pride awards and four Toyota Pinnacle awards, and what’s more we’re the ONLY dealership in London, Ontario to have won both.

Check out our new Toyota selection online, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.

How to Spot the Best New Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario: Tips from ToyotaTown

Be Sure to Find Great Customer Service When Shopping for a New Toyota in London, ON


The process of shopping for a new car is both exciting and stressful, and it takes the right dealership to both share in the thrill of getting behind the wheel and help eliminate the hassle. But with so many new Toyota dealers in the London, Ontario, region, how do you find the best? Here are a few tips from ToyotaTown.

3 Ways to Separate the Good from the Bad New Toyota Dealers in London, ON

  • Do your research.

Start out by doing a little research online to see what others have to say about a particular dealer. Are the reviews good? Have they won any industry awards?

  • Check out the selection online.

A good selection is essential if you’re going to find the perfect vehicle for your needs and tastes. If a dealer isn’t offering the vehicles you want, why waste your time going to their location?

  • Visit the lot.

Before you decide to spend your time actually looking at cars, take a look at the dealership itself. Are the lot, showroom, and service centre clean and well organized? That can say a lot about the level of service they provide.

ToyotaTown & Lexus of London

Shop New Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario, and Know You’ll Get Great Service

You shouldn’t have to wonder about the quality of service you’ll be receiving when shopping for a new Toyota in London, ON. Follow the three tips above and know that you’re dealing with the best of the best.

Browse our selection of new Toyota vehicles in London online, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.