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When You’re Shopping for Used Vehicles in London, Ontario, ToyotaTown has You Covered

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Finding the perfect vehicle for your needs can be a real pain. Not only do most dealers offer a limited selection, but they often don’t have the expertise necessary to help you find the right choice for your lifestyle.

That’s why when you’re shopping for used vehicles in London, Ontario, ToyotaTown is your #1 stop – we’re here to find the perfect car for you.

How ToyotaTown Find the Perfect Used Vehicle for You, Right Here in London, Ontario

So how do we do it?

It starts by offering the best selection of used vehicles in London, Ontario. We work hard to cultivate an expansive selection of models, trims, and even colors so that you have lots of options to compare and choose from.

At ToyotaTown we also offer experience that you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve been helping people find cars they love for more than 40 years, and we know how to help you decide which features and options fit your needs.


Visit ToyotaTown for the Best Selection of Used Vehicles in London, Ontario

Ready to find browse the best selection of used vehicles in London, Ontario? Then head over to ToyotaTown, where unrivaled selection and expertise is just a fact of life.

Check back soon to learn more about shopping for used vehicles in London, Ontario, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.

How to Compare New Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario: ToyotaTown Explains

When You Need a New Toyota Dealer in London, ON, Only Go With the Best

There’s no question which automaker is right for you. When it comes to making vehicles of unrivaled reliability, efficiency, safety, and all-around quality, Toyota leaves the competition in the dust.

But there are a lot of new Toyota dealers in the London, Ontario, region. How do you know which one to go through?

Here are a few ways to compare them.

What to Look for in a New Toyota Dealer in London, ON

  • Reviews

The first place to start should always be customer reviews. But don’t make the mistake of reading one and leaving it at that. Browse through several to get a good overall picture of each dealer’s reputation.

  • Awards

Toyota gives out awards to its best dealerships, so check on each dealer’s website to see what kind of recognition they’ve earned.

  • Selection

A great dealership will have an equally great selection. That means they offer an assortment of models, trims, and even color options.


Always Get the Service and Selection You Deserve

The bottom line is that not all new Toyota dealers are created equal, so you need to make sure that you’re going through one that offers the service and selection you deserve. Why settle for anything less?

Check out the selection at our new Toyota dealer in London, Ontario, or call ToyotaTown at (866) 736-3112 today.

Are you shopping for a used car in London, and want to get the best value for your money? ToyotaTown London’s expansive selection of used Toyotas near London as well as Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) in London is the answer. Not only can ToyotaTown London place you behind the wheel of a Used Toyota in London for less than the local dealers, but only ToyotaTown has the distinction of being Canada’s number one used Toyota Dealer near London. Lower prices, and superior customer service makes it a no-brainer: ToyotaTown is the best choice for your used Toyota in London.


The Benefits of Buying A Used Toyota in London from ToyotaTown: Excellent Selection, Excellent Service

When you compare us to any used Toyota dealer in London, none of them match the selection and customer service of ToyotaTown London. Our selection of used Toyotas near London, Ontario can’t be beat at any used Toyota dealer in London, so if you’re in the market for a used Camry in London or a used Corolla in London, we think you’ll find that no other used Toyota Dealer in London offers the breadth of selection that you’ll find at ToyotaTown London.

Have more questions about the costs of buying or leasing a used Toyota in London? Contact ToyotaTown, or call (888) 608-9076 today!

Need AC Service? Stay Cool this Summer with Toyota Service in London at ToyotaTown

What do you think of when you think of getting Toyota service in London from a dealership? If you’re like most folks driving a Toyota near London, you probably assume you’ll be paying higher prices and waiting longer for your service. Well, let us dispute that claim straightaway. When you choose ToyotaTown’s exceptional Toyota Service Centre for your Toyota Service in London, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. Why? Our team of expert technicians know your particular vehicle inside and out, and we’re in the business to save you money – not cost you more!


This should do more than just look cool.


What Kind of Services Can I Get at Toyota Town’s Authorized Toyota Service Centre in London?

Whether you’re in need of a complex repair, or just an oil change, the experts at ToyotaTown London are ready to give you and your car the best possible treatment. Thanks to our Toyota expertise, the auto service centre at ToyotaTown London makes your service visit far better than a visit to an independent shop. Only ToyotaTown London will repair your vehicle with Genuine Toyota Parts and a thorough knowledge of your specific vehicle. Some common services include AC service, coolant and radiator services, de-winterizing, winter tire storage and summer tire swap, and more!

Schedule your appointment for Toyota service in London online, or call (888) 822-5766.

The New Toyota Sienna in Ontario Makes Your Summer Road Trip Great

Whether you’re planning a beach getaway, a camping trip, or just a cross-crountry drive, lots of us are planning a summer road trip, and that means loading up the kids, keeping them stocked with snacks and entertainment, and hitting the road in style in a great minivan like a 2016 Toyota Sienna in Ontario.  A mainstay among minivans, a new Toyota Sienna in Ontario is a perfect choice for any family looking for a reliable, spacious ride for the whole family not only during summer vaction, but they’re pretty handy for ferrying those kids to and from school functions during the rest of the year, too.


Why Choose a 2106 New Toyota Sienna in Ontario?

What sets the Sienna apart from other minivans?  For starters, the new Sienna in Ontario has recently seen an upgrade under the hood, now packing a powerful 3.5 litre V6 turning out 266 horsepower instead of the model’s previous four cylinder engine. The 2016 Toyota Sienna in Ontario will be the joy of frequent vacationers or fishers thanks to the addition of a standard towing package.  Plus, with interior seating for 8 and 4.25 cubic metres of cargo space, the new 2016 Toyota Sienna in Ontario is much more than just a minivan – it’s a family road tripper’s dream car – from summer to the winter holidays and beyond!


Get Into the Best Minivan in Canada – Test Drive a New or Used Toyota Sienna in Ontario at ToyotaTown London Today

So, if you’re on the lookout for a new vehicle to transport your family to fun in the sun, ToyotaTown London invites you to test drive a new or Toyota Certified used Sienna in Ontario today.  Not only  have we been satisfying our customers since 1970, ToyotaTown London also has the distinction of being the #1 Toyota Dealer in Canada according to customer reviews. This distinction is based solely upon our history of stellar customer feedback, so you know when you choose ToyotaTown London, you’re not only getting the lowest price possible on your new Toyota in London, you’re going to get the best customer service you’ll find at any new Toyota dealer in Ontario.

Connect with Canada’s #1 Toyota dealer, and let us help you get into a new Toyota Sienna in Ontario today. Contact us online, or call (888) 608-9076.

The Benefits of Driving a Certified Pre Owned Toyota from Our London Toyota Dealer

Coverage, Quality, and Savings: Why Drive a Certified Pre Owned Toyota from ToyotaTown


It’s not uncommon for people who are shopping for a used Toyota to worry about the quality of the car they’re buying. This is an entirely reasonable concern. After all, how can you know what condition it’s in?

The solution is easy – a Certified Pre Owned Toyota from our London Toyota dealer. What’s the benefit to driving a CPO Toyota? There are several.

6 Reasons to Drive a Certified Pre Owned Toyota from Our London Dealership

Why drive a Certified Pre Owned Toyota from ToyotaTown?

  • 12 month/12,000 mile warranty
  • 7 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty
  • 1 year roadside assistance
  • 160 point quality assurance inspection
  • CARFAX Vehicle history report
  • Eligibility in standard new car financing rates


Visit ToyotaTown Today to Check Out Our Certified Pre Owned Selection

All of that adds up to three things: quality, coverage, and savings. So what are you waiting for? Head over to ToyotaTown today and check out the largest selection of Certified Pre Owned Toyotas that you’ll find anywhere in London, Ontario.

View our Certified Pre Owned Toyota selection online, or call ToyotaTown at (519) 680-1800 today.

Why Do Experts Say the 2016 Toyota Corolla is One of the Best Cars on the Road?

Value, Economy, Tech, Comfort, Safety: Nothing Beats the 2016 Toyota Corolla


Looking for a sedan that will deliver in every way you could want it to? Then you’ve found it. According to the experts, the 2016 Toyota Corolla is the sedan that London drivers who want it all should get into.

Why do they love the Corolla? Read on to find out.

Drive the Total Package: the 2016 Toyota Corolla Available Now in London, Ontario

The Car Connection praises the 2016 Toyota Corolla for offering reliability, comfort, and style, all at a great price. Edmunds hails its spacious, comfortable interior, its outstanding fuel efficiency, its easy to use tech and wide array of standard features, and its unrivaled value. And Kelley Blue Book points out that it offers the comfort and space of a midsized car in a compact frame, and it does so at a price point that can’t be beat.


Test Drive the 2016 Toyota Corolla at ToyotaTown in London, Ontario, Today

We could go on all day about the finer points of the 2016 Toyota Corolla, but the best way to realize it involves seeing it for yourself. Visit ToyotaTown today, and test drive the Corolla to see what has so many people excited.

Check out our unrivaled selection of the 2016 Toyota Corolla, or call ToyotaTown at (519) 680-1800 today.

Comfort, Economy, Power, Safety, Reliability: Reviewers Love the 2016 Toyota Highlander, Available in London, Ontario

There Are a Lot of Reasons Why the Experts Hail the 2016 Toyota Highlander


Are you looking for an unrivaled people and cargo carrying machine? Introducing the 2016 Toyota Highlander, available now at ToyotaTown in London, Ontario. According to the experts, the Highlander offers family-friendly versatility that can’t be beat.

Take a look at what the reviews are saying.

See Why Experts Love the 2016 Toyota Highlander

Kelley Blue Book applauds the Highlander for delivering best in class comfort, reliability, resale value, and even fuel efficiency. Car and Driver points out that it’s 280 hp engine delivers an astounding amount of get up and go. Edmunds give it an “A” rating thanks to its refined interior, comfortable ride, powerful V6 engine, and massive, versatile seating arrangement. And the Car Connection calls the 2016 Highlander versatile, handsome, and a better alternative to minivans.


Test Drive a 2016 Toyota Highlander Today at ToyotaTown in London, On

Discover why reviewers everywhere are so thrilled by the 2016 Toyota Highlander today. Visit ToyotaTown and give it a whirl for yourself. One drive and you’ll see what all the excitement is about.

Check out our selection of the 2016 Toyota Highlander online, or call ToyotaTown at (519) 680-1800 today.

Is the 2016 Toyota Camry the Perfect Car for London Drivers? The Experts Think So

See Why Reviewers Love the 2016 Toyota Camry Available Now in London, ON

2016 Toyota Camry LE

There may be no auto segment more competitive than that of the sedan, which makes sense – really the sedan is the end all be all of cars. So which is the best? According to the experts, London drivers can’t do better than the 2016 Toyota Camry.

Why test drive the Camry today? Reviewers say there are many reasons.

What the Experts Are Saying About the 2016 Toyota Camry in London, ON

According to Edmunds, the 2016 Toyota Camry offers a comfortable, spacious interior, user-friendly controls, an excellent V6 engine, and an all-new level of luxury. The Car Connection praised its great ride, refined cabin, outstanding infotainment system, and high-mileage hybrid model. Car and Driver says that the Camry is more stylish, luxurious, and powerful than ever. And as Kelley Blue Book summed it up, “The best-selling car in North America continues to impress with racy styling, new features and the same old reputation for value and quality.”


Test Drive the 2016 Toyota Camry Today at the #1 Dealer in London, Ontario

Ready to experience unrivaled quality? Then visit ToyotaTown today and test drive the 2016 Toyota Camry. The best car on the road is better than ever, and with one drive you’ll see what has reviewers so excited.

Check out our selection of the 2016 Toyota Camry online, or call ToyotaTown at (519) 680-1800 today.

What to Look for in Truly Dependable New Toyota Dealers in London, ON? ToyotaTown Explains

Never Settle for Anything But the Best New Toyota Dealers in London, Ontario


When you’re on the lookout for a new Toyota, your level of satisfaction both during the search and after you’ve bought are heavily dependent on finding the best Toyota dealers in London, ON. We’re all familiar with the stereotypical bad dealership experience…

So how can you be sure of avoiding that and getting the level of satisfaction you deserve? Here are three things to look for.

3 Things Every Great New Toyota Dealer in London, Ontario, Will Offer

  • Selection

If you’re going to find the perfect new Toyota for your needs, you have to have options. That means finding a dealership that offers every Toyota model in a wide range of trims and even colors. After all, variety is the spice of life.

  • Convenience

Shopping for a new Toyota can seem impossible to work into a busy schedule. That’s why great Toyota dealers always have a convenient location while offering flexible hours of operation.

  • Service

Your experience doesn’t end with your purchase. You need to have access to outstanding service that you can count on to keep your Toyota running in peak condition for mile after mile.


Visit ToyotaTown to Enjoy an Experience You Won’t Find at Other London Dealers

At ToyotaTown, we’re committed to delivering on all of these points. We offer the largest new Toyota selection that you’ll find in London, ON, with the convenience you need to make shopping a breeze, and the service you need to keep on the road.

Check out the #1 selection of new Toyotas in London, or call ToyotaTown at (519) 680-1800 today.