What Are the Top Winter Tires for My Toyota Corolla?

Turn to the ToyotaTown Parts and Service Departments for Advice on the Best Winter Tires

Is it time for you to finally install winter tires on your 2013 Toyota Corolla in London? Or, do you have a new 2014 Toyota Corolla, and aren’t sure how to find the best winter tires in London? Allow the Tire Centre here at ToyotaTown London to help you.

As a Toyota Canada Pride and Pinnacle award-winning Toyota dealership in London, we always go above and beyond not only in the cars we sell, but in the ongoing excellent service and maintenance that we provide to our many customers.

ToyotaTown Tire Centre for Winter Tires in London

ToyotaTown Tire Centre

Now that winter is upon us, perhaps you’re realizing that you’ve procrastinated long enough, and it’s time to finally get those winter tires installed. We can’t stress enough how important such tires are to your driving safety this winter.

Winter tires help prepare your car to better deal with all the realities of driving in a wide range of winter weather conditions, and when you contact ToyotaTown London to shop for your winter tires, you’re not only saving money and getting the top winter tires for your Toyota Corolla, you’re keeping yourself, your family, and your new Toyota Corolla safe.

ToyotaTown Tire Centre Best Price Guarantee on Winter Tires in London

ToyotaTown Tire Centre Best Price Guarantee

Get the Guaranteed Best Price on the Top Winter Tires for Your New Corolla in London at ToyotaTown

When is it time to switch to Toyota winter tires? When the temperature reaches below 7 degrees Celsius.

Once temperatures plummet below this vital mark, your regular all-season tires lose their ability to grip the road, and will begin to slip and skid even on dry roads during clear days. Winter tires are composed of softer rubber and have wider treads, making them better than their all-season counterparts at gripping roads in colder temperatures and shedding snow.

If it’s time to for a Toyota winter tire install on your 2013 Corolla in London, Kitchener, Sarnia, St. Thomas, Stratford, or Windsor, the Tire Centre at ToyotaTown has an expansive selection of Toyota winter tires coupled with a price match guarantee – so you know you will be paying  the absolute best price when you contact ToyotaTown for your Toyota winter tire install.

Winter Tires In London

Winter Tires

The Finest Selection of Top Winter Tires for Your New Corolla in London at ToyotaTown

Our selection of winter tires here at the ToyotaTown Tire Centre in London includes value-priced winter tires from most major manufacturers, designed specifically to fit your vehicle. Our winter tires are quality tested to provide you with safe driving assistance for the entire season — and then some.

Our stock of winter tires in London includes internationally-recognised brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, General, Continental, Goodyear, Toyo, Bridgestone, Firestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Gislaved, Yokohama, and more.

Don’t wait for the temperatures to drop any further. Bring your Toyota to ToyotaTown’s Tire Centre, and let our team of tire experts guide you to the right Toyota winter tires for you. Then, rest assured your grip on the icy roads will be top notch this winter when our ToyotaTown Service professionals complete the Toyota winter tire install specifically suited to your new Corolla in London.

Contact ToyotaTown Today and Let Us Help You Save on the Right Winter Tires for Your Toyota Corolla in London.