What You Need to Know About Leasing vs. Financing a New Toyota in London, Ontario

Have Questions About Leasing vs. Financing a New Toyota in London, Ontario? ToyotaTown has Answers

When it comes to leasing or financing a new Toyota in London, Ontario, it can be an extremely confusion process.  Some people actually think they’re the same thing, but they are in fact entirely different. When financing a car, you are paying for it over a period of time in order to become its full owner, When leasing, on the other hand, you make payments in order to have the vehicle for a period of time before eventually trading it in.


Leasing vs. Financing a New Toyota in London, Ontario

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to each. When you finance to own, the vehicle is yours and you can keep it for as long as you when. When leasing, you eventually have to trade it back in, but this can be a great benefit to people who want to get a new car regularly. Generally speaking, financing payments are lower than leasing payments, but if you decide to terminate the leasing contract early it can be extremely costly. In the end, whether you lease or buy is really dependent upon your lifestyle, and how long you want to drive a particular vehicle.


ToyotaTown Makes Leasing and Financing Easier for Drivers in London, Ontario

At ToyotaTown, we do all we can to make the financing and leasing processes as easy and transparent as possible. We’ve even provided an online lease payment calculator, so that you can determine how much you’ll pay each month for your leased Toyota.

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